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Martins 57% Malathion - 1 gal

Martins 57% Malathion - 1 gal

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Malathion 57% is an emulsifiable concentrate used to control fleas in yards and lawns, aphids, grasshoppers, spiders, beetles, earwigs, mosquitoes and may also be applied on vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamentals, trees, and pastures.


Target Pests

Malathion 57% is used for the control of adult flies fly maggots aphids cereal leaf beetle leafhoppers grasshoppers spider mites cabbageworm clover leaf weevil lygus bugs carrot weevil spittlebugs stink bugs armyworms crickets white flies thrips leafrollers flea beetles mealybugs false chinch bugs japanese beetles and many other listed insects.

For Use In

Malathion 57% is for use in christmas tree plantations fence rows hedge rows ornamental trees ornamental shade trees ornamental non-flowering plants pine seed orchards specific crops lawns and other listed areas.


For use on crops with Malathion 57% it can be applied at rates from 1 to 3 pints depending on specific crop and target pest. Refer to label above for more detailed information.

For application to fence rows mix Malathion 57% at 6 ounces per acre per application making sure to use sufficient enough water to achieve uniform coverage.

For ornamental application using Malathion 57% mix at a rate of 64 ounces per acre per application. Restrict entry to area for 12 hours proceeding treatment of the area.

Coverage Area

If Malathion 57% is used to treat fence rows or hedges and used at the maximum rate per application each pint bottle will treat an etimated 2.67 acres.

Time to Kill

Malathion 57% will begin killing insects immediately and provides 60 days of insect protection when applied properly.

Mix Rate

The use rate for Malathion 57% is 6 ounces per acre. Divide that by 45 to get the per gallon rate.

Active Ingredient

Malathion 57%

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