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MaxLawn Winterizer 22-0-10

MaxLawn Winterizer 22-0-10

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•Specially blended formula to prepare turf for winter dormancy and improve spring green-up
•Promotes disease resistance and builds carbohydrates for dormant hardiness
•Provides a feeding of fertilizer to help improve the color, density and uniformity of the turf
•Includes slow release nutrients for long-lasting feeding plus iron for deeper greening

MAXLAWN Winterizer Fall Fertilizer is the last application in a four application program. Considered by many, the most critical of all applications. When applied in the fall, the higher rate of potash increases carbohydrate storage in the plant which makes your lawn more winter hardy. In addition, you will notice quicker greening in the spring compared to lawns that were not fertilized the previous fall.

Apply in fall as the last application of the growing season.  This product will help improve color, density and uniformity of the turf plus improve spring green-up.

Apply evenly using a properly calibrated broadcast or drop spreader.  The fertilizer may be applied to dry or wet turf and a light watering after application will help activate the product sooner.  Avoid application in moderate to severe drought conditions and applying when temperatures are over 90°F as the turf may become stressed.

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